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By AleWilkinson in Southside

The last time I went to Lucy’s was for a friend’s ‘tarts and vicars’ the...


By AleWilkinson in SoHo

Warning: If you can’t handle your spice, stop reading now and don’t even th...

Fu Lu Shou

By Foodie in SoHo

What is it? Tongue -in-cheek Chinatown Chinese food. So basically, the type of f...


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Comedy.HK - Lan Kwai Fong

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Comedy.HK is committed to bringing exceptional stand-up comedy to Hong Kong. Since 2012 Comedy HK has brought standup comedy to events all across Hong Kong and Souther...

Hulu 10 - Lan Kwai Fong

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A quaint little boutique on the quiet Glenealy, Hulu 10 specialises in fashion, accessories and trinkets with a contemporary Chinese touch. Peruse the store and you...

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