Matcha Madness In Hong Kong

Matcha Kakigori

Hong Kong's craving for matcha dessert is endless. But don't fret, we've covered the best of the best for y'all. 

7th July 2016

If you feel like you've conquered all the matcha ice cream scattered around town, Hanjuku Kobo's half-baked matcha cheesecake ($75 for 5) and matcha cheese tart ($22) are some of the best alternatives to satisfy your yearning for matcha munchies. 

Hanjuku Kobo, 6A Cameron Road, 2367 9212

After Hong Kong's Korean bingsu and Taiwanese snow ice craze, it's time for Japanese kakigori to shine. Shari Shari Kakigori's Kyoto Uji Kin Toki ($75) is a match made in heaven for matcha and shaved ice lovers. Make sure you aren't missing out on the trend though we're sure that Shari Shari is here to stay.

Shari Shari Kakigori, 14 Haven Street, 2529 1223

I Cremeria is all about combining the ideal complimentary ingredients to accentuate the matcha and Hokkaido milk softserve. The Sawatari Tea Daifuku Soft Cream Parfait ($53) is smooth and rich, with distinct matcha notes that are balanced with azuki red beans and matcha mochi.

I Cremeria, Harbour City, 2386 6266

Twenty lacy thin crepes enveloping the lightest matcha pastry cream. Sounds like heaven? Lady M's Green Tea Mille Crepes ($75) is an elaborate infusion of green tea flavors with the delicate french dessert. 

Lady M, Fashion Walk, 2861 1866

Using ingredients from its own company factory in Japan, Brook's Cafe takes pride in serving a variety of drinks and desserts made from quality coffee, matcha, and Japanese green tea. The Signature Green Tea Sweets Set ($60) includes Gateau de Riz Matcha Pudding and Organic Japanese Sencha.

Brook's Cafe, Lee Tung Avenue, 2793 0028

Playing a big part in maintaining Hong Kong's matcha fever, Via Tokyo's matcha pastries, soft serve, and cakes still live up to our grand expectations. The matcha ice cream is always a great choice but the Matcha Mille Feuille ($40) deserves a mention thanks to its crisp layers and matcha cream filled in between.

Via Tokyo, 29 Cameron Road