Must Have Korean Desserts

Korean Bingsu

The number of dessert options in Hong Kong is endless. If you're feeling lost but looking for something cool to beat the heat, why not try some iconic Korean desserts? From bingsu to honey comb soft serve ice cream, we've got all the essentials covered.

6th July 2016

You can't claim to know Korean desserts without having tasted bingsu. Bingsu is Korean shaved ice dessert that has its own distinct style. Hanbing's bingsu is a huge hit thanks to the frozen condensed milk base which carries a sweet and milky flavor. The pillowy soft 'snow ice' has a lot of variations including oreo, black sesame, blueberry cheesecake, and mango so take your pick!

Hanbing, Times Square, 3622 1310

Seoulmate Cafe may be a small establishment but you shouldn't underestimate what's inside. The toasted marshmallow and oreo rice cake toast with ice cream and sweet potato toast with rice cake certainly deserve a toast. 

Seoulmate Cafe, 83 Third Street, 2104 6788

What could be more instagram worthy than a combination of fish bun, froyo, and chocolate fondue? With a special red bean or custard cream filling hiding within the bun, it's a dessert in a dessert. Cafe Aboong's trademark treat is the perfect opportunity for Hong Kong foodies to take a shot at Korea's delightful dessert. 

Cafe Aboong, Yan On Building, 6194 9796

South Korea's obsession with honey butter may be finally over but ours is far from done. Honey Creme's "Comb Honey Soft serve ice cream" is a must have for avid ice cream lovers. We promise that the creamy soft serve garnished with an entire honeycomb will bring you joy in life. 

Honey Creme, 44 Lyndhurst Terrace, 2598 6969

Korean Spaghetti Ice cream. Yes, you heard it right. Nun serves a dessert visually reminiscient of traditional Italian pasta except the flavors are centered on delectable fruits like banana and strawberry. 

Nun, 12 Matheson Street, 2143 5288