Healthy Eats in Hong Kong

Home Eat to Live

Summer is finally here! Have you been working on your summer bodies? We know that exercising is crucial but don't forget that diet is equally important. To cheer you on, we've got a list of some of the best healthy eating spots in Hong Kong. Feel free to eat without guilt. 

8th July 2016

The Kinnet Cafe's philosophy is grounded on serving naturally rejuvenating dishes packed with delicious flavors. It's a great place to relax, replenish, and revive with a full, nutritious meal. The daily selection of salads changes daily and costs only $68 for two different salads but the tartines (starting at $75) are popular as well. 

The Kinnet Cafe, 33 Hillier Street, 3968 7623

Home - Eat to Live is all about supporting a sustainable, vegan/vegetarian lifestyle and delivering the purest, highest quality plant-based cuisine and products. The whole wheat bun Home Burgers (starting at $88 for burger only $118 for combo) and Earth Bowls (starting at $118) are not only filling but extremely healthy for both the body and soul.

Home - Eat to Live, Nexxus Building, 2777 4777

The common misconceptions about eating healthy are that healthy dishes are boring and taste bland. However the nosh served at MANA! is anything but lackluster. The organic wholesome plant-based oven-baked flatbreads includes 4 toppings (half $50 / full $90) and salad box (small $78 / large $130) is comprised of 5 different salads displayed in deli. 

MANA! Fast Slow Food, 8 Tai On Terrace, 2347 8555

Healthy eating doesn't have to mean a compromise in flavour or ambiance. Grassroots Pantry is passionate about responsible food sourcing and promoting local, farm-to-table, sustainable food practices. The Coconut Kefir Yogurt Parfait ($105) and Lemon Chai Seed Pancakes ($125) are some must try items at this establishment.

Grassroots Pantry, 108 Hollywood Road, 2873 3353

Fresca's healthy fare is mainly focused on salads: regular size includes two toppings ($70) and large size includes three ($90). This friendly neightbourhood cafe also offers grilled panini ($42) and gluten-free, steamed, low sugar muffins ($20).

Fresca, 54A Hollywood Road, 2770 2282