Hong Kong Junk Hires

  • Going on a junk trip may be one of the biggest reasons we wait for summer in Hong Kong. It's all fun and games once we're on the junk but the process to get there can be a great hassle. Choosing where to go, when to go, which junk to book, what to eat, and what activities to prepare...there's a lot to decide. Lucky for you, we have a list of our recommended junk companies that you should hire. Have fun and remember safety first!

    12th July 2016
  • Junks.HK is an online booking platform that significantly minimizes the time spend on organizing all the moving pieces. With a convenient search and booking process that allows personalization to your heart's content, Junks.hk also provides catering, beverages, water sports, and more so that your burden as a party organizer is non-existent. Your boat and add-ons will be delivered at the meeting location so all you need to do is turn up and be ready to enjoy the sun out at sea. 

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  • Hong Kong Yachting's Jungle Jane and Tarzan junk are its most sought after boats for Hong Kong junk trips. The 21+ metres cruisers are great for group gatherings and for creating unforgettable memories. The junk packages come with inflatable slides, twister lounge, king sunbed, and bean bags. And perhaps most importantly, both boats have a great surround sound music system. 

    Hong Kong Yachting, 2526 0151

  • Each one of Hello Hong Kong's four private charters has its own unique character and certain specifications that makes it ideal for different purposes. Providing various options like sailing adventures, romantic evening dinner cruises, and even overnight trips, Hello Hong Kong is the go-to junk company for a special junk trip like no other.

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  • Saffron Cruises has a wide array of boats including cruisers, junks, sailing yachts, speedboats, ferries, flagship and luxury boats. The two junk boats available, White Pepper and Saffron, can accomodate 35 and 30 people respectively and are well-equipped with all the essentials. The Saffron Chinese junk is its main event boat and is especially well-suited for partying out at sea. 

    Saffron Cruises, 2857 1311

  • Aqua Luna, one of the last remaining red-sail Chinese junk boats, is available for private charters for two hours to the whole day and can host up to 80 people. Depending on the length of charter, guests can choose their preferred destination including the Tsing Ma bridge to enjoy Disneyland's stunning fireworks display. Dinner is served in an airconditioned cabin with choice of Italian, Japanese or Chinese dishes specially prepared by the chefs of the Aqua restaurant group. 

    Aqua Luna, 2854 1813