Hong Kong Mid-Levels Escalators

Mention the word ‘escalator’ to someone who has never set foot in Hong Kong and they’ll probably think of the exercise avoidance method of moving between floors in their local department store. Tell them that Hong Kong has 800 metres of outdoor escalator zig-zagging around the centre and climbing 135 metres uphill, and they’ll probably think you’re a bit daft.

Of course to the 87,000 residents of Hong Kong who ride daily, the Central - Mid-levels escalator and walkway system is anything but a joke. The world’s longest outdoor moving walkway system was built in 1993 to relieve congestion in Central’s streets, and while its original purpose may not have been achieved, the escalator has become a landmark for Hong Kong, taking people downhill to work from 8am-10am and ferrying weary commuters back uphill after 10am. It’s also a landmark of the silver screen - part of 2007’s The Dark Knight starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger was filmed here.

With our lovely infographic, we pay tribute to how amazing and special Hong Kong can be, as well as celebrating the escalator and showcasing the best restaurants, bars and shops along the way. Join us!


Let’s get started by looking at 2 healthy options on the lowest level of the escalators. Mana! Fast Slow Food has brought organic slow-food to Hong Kong, serving delicious and healthy fare to match their impressive environmental credentials. Newly-opened Catch Juicery is already well-known for their ‘juice cleanses’ aimed at flushing harmful toxins out of the body and aiding weight loss. Their rich, intensely flavoured juices are also 100% organic.

Not everyone’s into this super-healthy stuff. If you love those little bite-sized balls of pork and veg, and you like them homemade and served in a cosy environment, Dumpling Yuan is your place. Super-stylish Wah Fung is another option in Central, boasting roasted meats and fried rice on their extensive menu.

Of course, no hill climb should ever be attempted sober (even if you have the escalator to help), so let’s head to HK Brewcraft. Homebrewing enthusiasts will no doubt be aware of this place, with its extensive collection of brewing equipment, ingredients and craft beers. For those who prefer just to drink their beer, the loft-style Social Room serves a wide of range of beers and cocktails in modern, comfortable surroundings.