Our Guide to a fun day at Ocean Park

Looking for a fun hang out spot with friends? Or a place to go for a kid friendly family outing? Ocean Park is the place to visit! Opened in 1977, Ocean Park is not only an amusement park but also a marine mammal park located in the Southern District of Hong Kong. They have over 80 attractions and are currently in discussions regarding further expansion. With so many attractions, you may wonder if it possible see all the attractions. Don't fret, because we are here to help organize your outing!


Seperated on different pieces of land, Ocean Park is made up of The Summit and The Waterfront. The Waterfront is located at the bottom of the mountain whereas The Summit is on top of an adjacent mountain and is spread over several hills, In terms of moving between 2 zones, you have 2 options. 1. You take the cable car. The cable car ride lasts approximately 10 minutes. During this ride, you get an amazing view of the sea, sky and surrounding hills, also it gives you a good 10 minutes to take a breather and also plan your visit for the rest of the day. 2.The second option is the Ocean Express. While the cable car ride is amazing, the waiting time can go from between 15 minutes to an hour. If you're more in a rush, we suggest the Ocean Express. This 4 minute train ride stimulates a fantastical underwater journey in a submarine. So the ride on its own is an adventure!

The Waterfront

Seen as the more kid friendly place, the waterfront is split into 3 main sections: Whisker's Harbour, Aqua City and Amazing Asian Animals. If you're looking for rides, Whisker's Harbour is the place. Your kids will love it as their riding the merry-go-round, frog hopper, clown around......