5 Must Visit Temples in Hong Kong

What screams culture more than visiting Hong Kong's religious monuments...... the Temples! Hong Kong's a bit different, the temples here aren't just dedicated to Buddhism, but also Taoism and Confucius. We've gathered a list of the Top 5 best temples in Hong Kong! Enjoy!

2nd December 2016

Built in 1847, Man Mo Temple is the oldest temple in Hong Kong. As the God of Literature and the God of War are worshipped there, you often find people aiming for academic success and people who are resolving disputes among one another there. While it's pretty small, you'll find it pretty atmospheric with the smell of incense and all the coils of incense hanging from the ceiling.

Man Mo Temple: Man Mo Temple, 124-126 Hollywood Rd, Tai Ping Shan, 2540 0350

Po Lin Monastery is one of the most popular tourist desinations in Hong Kong. Being the home to many devout monks, the monastery consists of the Da Xiong Bao Dian, the Maitreya Hall, the Hall of Ti-tsang Bodhisattva, the Weituo Hall, the Banruo Hall and much more! Besides that, you can check out the Giant Buddha and the Ngong Ping Villas. Bonus: Getting there is fun! You can take the gondola life and enjoy the view!

Po Lin Monastery: Ngong Ping, 2985 5248

Yes, you heard right, the 10,000 Buddha Monastary actually contain more than 10,000 Buddhas. More specifically, 12,800 Buddhas!!! All of them lining the walls of the main temple. Besides that, you also get to enjoy several smaller temples and a 9 storey pagoda. How cool is that? If your looking for a temple to explore, this is definitely the one to visit!

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery: Lots 358-359,IN D D 185,, Sha Tin, 2691 1067

While you're checking out the Temple Street night market, make a quick visit to Tin Hau Temple. Built in the 19th century to honour the goddess of the sea, this incense filled sanctuary is a must visit!

Tin Hau Temple: Temple St, Yau Ma Tei, 2384 0059

Originally founded in 1934 as a retreat for Buddhist nuns, the Chi Lin Nunnery hails the statues of the Sakyamuni Buddha, the goddess of mercy Guanyin and other bodhisattvas. It's special because not only does it have this temple, but also the Nian Lian Gardens. So you can enjoy the temple and have a nice stroll through the 35,000 sq.feet Tang dynasty inspired garden!

Chi Lin Nunnery: 5 Chi Lin Drive, Diamond Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2354 1888