Beat The Heat With Summer Treats

  • One of the best parts of summer? Cooling off from the heat with a refreshing treat. Check out the best places around Hong Kong!

    6th July 2016
  • Ice Cream

    The famous Emack & Bolio's opened in 2015 and still one of the best places to get ice cream in Hong Kong. Known for their unique cones and flavours, Bolio's is definitely the front runner for ice cream. They also have chocolate, ice cream cakes, frozen yoghurt, sorbets, smoothies and sundaes! Located right next to the midlevel escalators. 

    Other places to check out areOddies, Holly Brown, XTC Gelato, Ice Monkey and Mr Softee

    Emack & Bolio's, 26 Cochrane Street, 2505 6626

  • Ice Lollies

    I See I See serves artisanal ice lollies that are "pretty" and refreshing. The handmade treats come in various flavours and the shop is located behind Lee Gardens. The decor is hipster with wood accent and minimal colour.

    Ice lolly places to check out are Lola's and Nice Pops.

    I See I See, Haven Court, 138 Leighton Rd, Causeway Bay, 2337 3361

  • Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Elephant Grounds serves the best ice cream sandwiches on the weekends only. They change up the flavours and there's a limited quantity so check out their facebook page for updates! 

    Other places to try are Stacks, Little Bao and Munchies.

    Elephant Grounds, 11 Gough Street, 2253 1313

  • Frozen Yoghurt

    For the healthy conscious people that still want a refreshing treat, there are a few options to choose from! The most popular and accessible would be Yo Mama with stores located in IFC, Pacific Place, Causeway Bay, Festival Walk and Tai Koo Shing.

    Other places to check out are Hey Yo!!, Smile.

    Yo Mama, IFC Mall Podium Level One, Shop N. 1061, 2872 7000

  • The Classics

    We all love the main shops that have been around for years. Everyone loves to indulge in Haagen Daaz every now and then. If not you can try Godiva or snack on Sweet House Cha ChaIf you need a quick fix, convenient stores like 711 and Circle K are great places to get inexpensive ice lollies.

    Haagen Daaz, 311 Gloucester Rd, 2882 8621