Hidden Beaches to Explore in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is full of secluded areas away from the crowded city areas and the hustle and bustle. We've rounded up the top hidden beaches for you to relax in the sun or go on an adventure!

Lo Kei Wan (Shui Hau)

To see a perfect sunset, Lo Kei Wan is the place to be. In Lantau, the bay is near a beautiful beach and it is also a campsite. There are barbecue pits and a stream of water. Unlike other beaches in Hong Kong, Lo Kei Wan has clear water and it is good for fishing! You can take a bus from Tung Chung.

Ham Tin Wan

Another amazing beach is Ham Tin Wan which is one of four beaches connected to each other in Sai Kung. Other than the beach, there are other facilities making it the most popular! You can rent board, eat and even camp out.

Kau Ling Chung

The hidden Kau Ling Chung is the best country park on Lantau. With the location and scenery, the campsite is very cozy with a beach, stream, bridge and rainforest. Other landmarks close by to look at are The Obelisk and Fan Lau Fort.

Tai Long Wan

Tai Long Wan is known for camping, big waters and surfers! Another one of the four beautiful beaches along Sai Wan, the sand is clean and the water is fresh but also dangerous due to currents.

Long Ke

The sand at Long Ke will take you away from the city mindset and onto the island life. Other than casual camping and clear waters, you can do water activities! To get there from Central, it is about a 60-90 minutes.

Turtle Cove Beach

If you’re up for adventure, Turtle Beach is for you! Near Stanley and Tai Tam Reservior the mini beach has a cliff side entrance, far away from the city.

12th July 2016