Hiking Trails in Hong Kong

It’s that time of year where the sun is shining and it feels good to be productive. What better way to spend your summer days than  xplore some of Hong Kong's great outdoors. Here are five of the best hikes in Hong Kong, easily accessible and guaranteed to give new perspectives on this brilliant city.

Dragon's Back

Dragon’s Back described as “Asia’s best urban hike” by the Time’s is one of our top picks. The easily accessible hike has a remarkable name as the path resembles a jagged spinal backbone from Shek O Peak to Wan Cham Shan. At 284m above sea level, the demanding view offers views from the city down to Shek O beach. You can begin the hike from Tai Tam Gap on Shek O Road (Take bus 9 from Shau Kei Wan MTR Exit A3). At the end of the hike at Tai Tam Reservoir Road, Bus 14 will take you back to Sai Wan Ho MTR. Or you can stay at the beach!

Lion Rock 

This is one of the harder hikes available in Hong Kong. The trail starts from Lion Rock Country Park in the New Territories. The reward you gain for sore legs, dirty hands and sweaty backs is an incredible vista of Kowloon and Hong Kong. The hike forms part of the MacLehose Trail that crosses the New Territories from East to West and is therefore well signposted. The start of the trail is a bit of a trek from Wong Tai Sin MTR station, look for Gilwell Campsite. Be prepared that to get on to the very peak of the Lion Rock you will need to use both your arms as well as your legs!

Tai Mo Shan

Tai Mo Shan is a staggering 957m and is Hong Kong’s highest mountain. Conquering this hike seems daunting but very rewarding. There are a few routes to start but we suggest the intersection between Tai Mo Shan Road and Route Twisk. Take bus 51 next to Tsuen Wan West MTR and start hiking through volcanic rock landscapes towards Shing Mun Reservoir. From there, a bus station is an hour away! Bus 52 will bring you back to Tsuen Wan. The duration depends on your level but make sure to drink lots of water and energy snacks.

Big Buddha 

Stairway to the clouds. The hike to the Big Buddha is a rollercoaster of itself. From Tung Chung MTR Exit B, walk to the Citygate bus terminal and take a bus towards Yat Tung. Walk to the entrance of the trail and keep walking forward. This trail goes up and down numerous mountains so prepare to walk up flights of stairs! The cable cars will be moving with you and passengers may wave. Luckily, there is a 20 minute bus ride back to Tung Chung MTR.

Sai Wan Village

Sai Wan is one of the best places to spend your hot summer days. Plunge into Sheung Luk Stream for swimming or cliff jumping. The beach located in Sai Wan village is one of Hong Kong’s secret jets. From Choi Hung MTR Exit C, the 1A minibus takes you to Sai Kung in 40 minutes. Take a bus (timetable) or taxi to the beginning of the trail. Follow signs to Sai Wan Village and enter the beach. Walk into the greenery on the left and end up at the rock pools! The village offers refreshments and food before either walking back or taking a speedboat back to Sai Kung! Definitely start early and soak up in the sun.

27th June 2016