Indoor Thrills in Hong Kong

  • You shouldn't be scrambling to find something exciting and new to do with your group of friends. With this list of stimulating group activities in Hong Kong, you'll be able to impress your friends with what you've gone in store for them. 

    12th July 2016
  • Test your intelligence and detective skills as you solve puzzles, find clues, and work together to escape your doomed fate. With 7 different theme rooms based on true historical events and locations, Lost provides a series of exhilarating real-life escape room game experience. 

    LostHK, 15 Matheson Street, 2892 2393

  • Buckle up cause Sideways Driving Club is about to take you on a ride of a lifetime. Sideways is a virtual racing center with 15 network simulators that Formula 1 teams and drivers use to practice for the grand prix competitions. Come along to race one another and find out who's the fastest and gutsiest.

    Sideways Driving Club, 1-2 Chancery Lane, 2523 0983

  • BOINK. Unleash your inner child at a playground where the rules of gravity no longer apply. With more than 80 interconnected trampolines, Bounce is an indoor trampoline park that is divided into different sectors including free jumping, the wall, and slam dunk area. It even has a dodgeball court that seriously challenges your hand-eye coordination. 

    Bounce, KITEC, 2556 9555

  • Remember Barney Stinson's obsession with laser tag on How I Met your Mother? You're never too old to wield a laser gun and roam around this spaceship themed laser tag station. PEW PEW. Strategically shield yourself and aim that blaster at your friend's sensored vest. Show no mercy.

    Lasermads, 2-6 Yee Wo Street, 2343 3033

  • Gear up soldier, it's time to show your friends what you've got. Impact Force C.Q.B. is one of Hong Kong's biggest indoor war game venue with themed battle zones where players duke it out. The Amazon Jungle, Cambodia, and the Lost City are all designed to stage a dynamic and energetic match.

    Impact Force C.Q.B., Chung Hing Industrial Mansions, 6687 7422