The New Wave of Omakase: Dining at Murasaki’s stunning take on Japanese food

This fall there will be a new wave of Japanese omakase invading the heart of Causeway Bay. This brand new Japanese restaurant Dining at Murasaki will be pampering foodies not just through their palates but also the contemporary presentations, the ambience and a place to cater any gathering at and a great location for happy hour. Dining at Murasaki will be opening their doors to welcoming guests on 18th November 2016.

When entering the restaurant, guests are immediately greeted by an eye-catching bright red wooden floor, accented by a sleek bar at the entrance featuring your usual Japanese spirits. Across the room you’ll notice a casual dessert lounge, where you can relax and satisfy your sweet tooth. Further along an enticing corridor with re-interpreted Japanese lattice screens, lies the main dining area, which opens up to a stunning sushi bar with purple abstract mosaic artwork, in reference to the name of the restaurant, which means purple in Japanese. The dining area itself is also a feast for eyes. A hanging geometric ceiling feature made from different materials and lighting, sensationally magnify the arty atmosphere, whereas mid-height pivoted lattice screens are juxtaposed on the other end, forming intimate semi-private seating, all complimented with luxurious mother of pearl dining tables. The interior design aims to provide a unique Japanese fusion fine dining ambiance for guests, allowing ever-changing dining experience through the numerous distinctive yet akin dining zones.

Adjacent to the semi-private area is the teppanyaki bar, which can be fully opened up to the spectacular Victoria Harbour view, offers a more calm ambience with a touch of Zen spirit in the form of a purple noon. Guests can enjoy the performance of the teppanyaki chefs against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful cityscapes in the world.

The design of this restaurant is no doubt a winning feature, however the food on offer is equally magnificent to say the least. Combining the best of Japanese and French cuisine, the restaurant only selects high quality food produce from Japan including in-season seafood from Hokkaido and Wagyu beef from Kagoshima. Furthermore, understanding the requirements of vegans and vegetarians, Executive Chef Poon has also created a special vegetarian menu, pushing the Japanese-French hybrid cuisine into new heights.

Blending Hokkaido sweet corn and mixed with fresh Hokkaido cream with homemade Kombu Seaweed stocking, the French Blue Lobster with Hokkaido sweet corn cream soup is definitely a crowd favourite, whereas the Pan-fried Foie Gras with raspberry and 75 degrees’ chocolate sauce is equally revered.

The Spanish Langoustine with bonito jelly and honey citrus sauce is also hailed as a signature dish. The Langoustine is seared and topped with mashed bonito jelly, the honey “Yuzu” citrus sauce and charcoal salt, the well-balanced flavor makes it a mouthwatering experience. Last but not least, the Pan-fired French quail with onion charcoal chasseur is made by pan-frying the quail and then roasted in the oven to maintain it’s juiciness, whereas the quinoa absorbs the quail juice when mixed together with the charcoal cream sauce, a perfect collaboration between the two.

Rarely do you see an omakase restaurant that excels in both the cuisine and the design. With the arrival of Dining at Murasaki, the new hot spot in town has definitely arrived.

2nd November 2016