Ocean Park to Make Halloween Fest 2016 Truly Unforgettable with Collective Memories, Star Power and Cutting-Edge Technology

(Hong Kong, 6 September 2016) Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2016, one of the city’s most popular annual events, will soon open its doors to offer its most terrifying and hilarious Halloween experience to date. This year’s celebration will comprise a slew of immersive, and first-time attractions and elements, for Halloween-horror aficionados and Halloween-fun lovers of all ages.

Park-Wide Offering to Immerse Guests in Hollywood Experience

As a tribute to one of the spookiest and most hilarious films in Hollywood history, the multi-layered and highly-immersive attraction, Ghostbusters Live! presented by Yahoo! Hong Kong, will let guests step into the shoes of a Ghostbuster and experience the heart-pounding fear of facing off with evil ghosts; while also diving head-first into the hilarious fun of their extensive world.

Offering two completely different experiences, guests will begin their exciting Ghostbusters journey by touring perfectly replicated, iconic scenes from the brand-new Ghostbusters movie. Sets will include: the Ghostbusters’ shabby headquarters at the Chinese Restaurant, where guests will find the ‘office phone’ that Kevin ‘couldn’t answer’ floating in the fish tank; as well as Rowan’s lair where guests can study the giant portal generator that Rowan used to create the vortex that broke the barrier between the world of the living and the ghost world. Guests can even meet the iconic and lovable character, Slimer, on the streets of ‘New York’.

Guests looking for some light-hearted and interactive fun can head to Ghostbusters Academy, where they can roam the Ghostbusters’ secret lab and facilities at the fire station, and snap some ultra-fun and memorable pictures. While exploring, guests can get detailed explanations of the equipment and enjoy hands-on activities – from playing with samples of ectoplasmic goo (Slimer’s saliva), to hitting the firing range to blast evil spirits, who will pop up from behind gravestones, in doorways and everywhere guests look. And to make this ghost ‘busting’ experience even more unforgettable, Ocean Park invited a crew of uber-talented artists to specially design and hand-paint the ghosts, who will show their true colours under UV lights. After neutralising all the ghosts and storing them safely in the Containment Unit, guests will receive a special badge featuring the Ghostbusters logo.

Eva Au Yeung, Ocean Park’s Events & Entertainment Director, said, “This year, we have further enhanced the Park’s overall atmosphere by extending the themes of the haunted houses to their surrounding areas, and Ghostbusters Live! is a great example of this. Everywhere guests go on Thrill Mountain, which will be completely decked-out Ghostbusters-style, they will be immersed in Ghostbusters-themed fun. This will not only be a great location to snap some spooky photos with a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, or the giant Rowan who will be crawling out of the ground, guests can also enjoy the spooky decorations, such as ectoplasmic goo, and Ghostbusters-themed, mouth-watering snacks on offer at the Clown Corner Food Kiosk. Both Ghostbusters fans and Halloween-fun lovers will have a blast as they experience a truly comprehensive Ghostbusters experience.”

The Best of Popular Culture, Loads of Scary Fun for Young Asian Guests

At Club Blood presented by Blue Girl Beer, Immortal Lord of Vampires, played by Asian idol Danson Tang, invites guests and fans to dance the night away at his deadly rave party. Unlike traditional haunted houses, this glittering dance hall will be sleek and modern, and will feature cool technology such as 3D imaging and lasers; however, deep inside, this seemingly trendy attraction will be just as depraved and terrifying.

“I’m honoured and excited to be part of Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2016, Asia’s largest Halloween celebration, and I’m delighted to ‘meet’ with my fans in Hong Kong. What makes this haunted attraction so special is that it re-invents what is considered the standard for scare attractions. To prepare for Club Blood, I’ve been practicing my Cantonese very hard in hopes that guests will be further immersed in this haunted attraction. This Halloween, guests should prepare themselves for a heart-pounding rave party and to scream like never before!” said Danson Tang.