Popular foods for the Mid Autumn Festival!

It's that time of year again! Lanterns, bright lights, carnivals, dragon dances, family gatherings, and not to mention the traditional food! We all love to eat, so we may as well use the festival as an excuse to stuff our faces! Here are some of the foods you would want to have if hosting a mid-autumn festival gathering!


This ones pretty obvious. No one celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival without mooncakes. It is and will always be the most popular and important food eaten during the festival. Often times, people give out mooncakes as gifts to convey their best wishes. With that being said, you already know the value one of these holds. Traditionally, the flavour is a lotus seed paste with an egg yolk. Some people really love the traditional flavours while other not as much.  So if you're unsure about it, there are plenty other flavours to pick and choose from. ie. They range from chocolate to coffee to egg custard.


Eating pumpkin dates back to ancient times when the people living in the south of Yangtze River could not afford mooncakes. According to legend, a young girl brought home a pumpkin during the festival, fed it to her parents, and their health was completely restored. Hence, nowadays people still eat is for the purpose of bringing family good health!

River Snails

The French aren't the only ones eating snails! River snails apparently smell and look nasty when raw, but if cooked correctly with herbs and spices, it is said to taste brilliant. Eating river snails comes from the traditions held in Guangzhou. According to them , when eaten during the festival, it will help brighten your eyes, and don't we all want big and bright eyes!