What Is Lan Kwai Fong?

More Than Just Mojitos

If it’s entertainment and nightlife you seek, you’ve come to the right place. Lan Kwai Fong is Hong Kong’s party capital; a hub of trendy restaurants, teeming bars and chic nightclubs renowned worldwide for being a hedonist’s paradise. Located in the heart of Central, the area attracts both tourists and locals alike, all seeking fun and good times.

But how exactly do we define Lan Kwai Fong? As any local Hong Konger will tell you, anything that falls within a stone’s throw of LKF can still be (and often is) dubbed 'LKF.'

Although 'Lan Kwai Fong' most accurately refers to a single L-shaped street of entertainment venues, it would do the neighbourhood no justice limiting it purely to the one, albeit iconic, thoroughfare. Over time, the general area surrounding the street has fallen under the umbrella of what we know today as LKF. 'Greater Lan Kwai Fong,' as we like to call it, extends north to Queen’s Road, east to Ice House Street, south to Arbuthnot Road, and west to Pottinger Street.

This seemingly small area has an extremely high concentration of businesses, which offer visitors a myriad things to do. While Lan Kwai Fong may be best known for having some of the finest nightlife in the world, the neighbourhood does in fact contain a plethora of businesses catering to a more daytime crowd as well.

If you’re looking for a gym somewhere in the city, there’s plenty of choice for you in Lan Kwai Fong. From dedicated dance studios to gyms offering classes guaranteed to give you a serious work out, you’ll find something in this neighbourhood.

Alternatively, for a little relaxation and pampering, look to Lan Kwai Fong’s numerous spas and salons offering full-day indulgences, luxurious body treatments, designer haircuts, nail services and rejuvenating massage therapies that are sure to leave you looking and feeling your best.

When it comes to dining, visitors to Lan Kwai Fong are spoilt for choice. Award-winning restaurants serve an array of Western delights, superb Oriental fare and everything in between. And with everything from casual bites to fine dining, there’s something to suit all budgets.

However, when the sun sets and day turns to night, Lan Kwai Fong truly comes alive with socialites seeking glitz, glamour and merriment. Visit one of the area’s pubs, which offer large selections of beers and ales, cheer on your team at a sports bar or soak up funky tunes with a cocktail or two at one of the chic lounges. These sleek high-rises house some of Asia’s hottest clubs and, at street level, music and partygoers flood the streets turning the whole area into a huge outdoor party of sorts.

So no matter what it is you enjoy the most, with the top venues no more than a short stroll away, you’re bound to find something you’ll love in LKF!

15th February 2011