Trick Eye Museum: An Interactive Playground

Trick Eye Museum

Sitting on top of dwarfed Hong Kong skyscrapers, hanging on a rope on the edge of a cliff, and scrambling up a ladder to save your life from a shark, these are just some of the thrilling scenarios you’ll be able to simulate at the Trick Eye Museum!

Located at The Peak, this interactive 3D museum highlights around 50 optical illusion paintings and installations on plain surfaces that mysteriously appear to be three dimensional in photographs. Through the camera lense, you will be magically placed in entertaining situations as if you were really in such mind-boggling settings. The 5 different zones (World of Masterpieces, Hong Kong Discovery, Secret Garden, Great Adventure, and Neverland) features more than 70 camera spots where visitors can immerse themselves in the experience and snap away. Tickets are only $150 for adults and $100 for children (aged 3-11) and can be bought online. We recommend that you purchase your tickets online to enjoy a 10% discount!

A perfect activity for couple, friends, and family, visit the museum and check out what tricks it’s got up its sleeves.

Trick Eye Museum, The Peak Galleria, 2813 1686

13th July 2016