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Elegant Tang Dynasty sells traditional Chinese fashion, accessories and souvenirs. Here you'll pick up a bit of ancient culture and can take home your own piece of history

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Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 09:00-22:00
Payment method: Cash, VISA, Mastercard, EPS


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By einel
08 January 2015
Bad experience , over charged I got 2 photos and 4 copy photo in file  via e-mail I have to pay  HK S 1,096
By einel
04 August 2014
Yesterday, 1.5 just before my flight back home i bought a bunch of souvenirs from the chain store branch at Li Yuen street.   I am very disappointed as: 1. the magnet that I bought ("porcelain" vase at fish blue and white design) was hot glued - was sold broken merchandise.   2. I chose and bought a shirt of bruce lee at kong fu's poses that looks like chinese characters, I asked for a bigger size. the seller put in my bag a shirt of 12 chinese years (dragon, rabbit, ox and such) that looked the same at the brief look i gave it.   I was a bit at a hurry and was taken advantage of as result.   I recommend to avoid these chain store.   Einel
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