Bars for Art Majors


SoHo, the laid back cousin of LKF has more than just happy hour hangouts to loosen your tie. We love the arty bars that sprinkle the west side of Staunton Street and one of our favorite hangouts is the dark and gloomy, joyce is not here. Known for their "sad hour" instead of "happy hour", this quirky bar plans the week for you with scheduled poetry readings and jam nights. Our favorite way to spend an evening is Sunday Movie night where Joyce plays art house films on their 72” projector screen.

For a more upscale vibe we'll head over to the eye-candy coated Varga lounge just down the street on the corner of Peel and Staunton. The French-inspired décor keeps your eyes stimulated with sexy artwork of 1940's pinup girls and polished antique furniture: The perfect atmosphere to brag about your extensive knowledge of Kandinsky.

Back up Peel street is  Peel Fresco Music Lounge, owned by the people who brought you joyce is not here. This is the quintessential jazz bar with nearly zero space and super low seating. The venue is so cramped that the drummer could be hitting you in the face with his elbow. The bar has an extensive wine list (it's arty, how could they not) and a truly friendly atmosphere. Photo by Derek Gavey.

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