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    Medusa - SoHo

    Address: B/F, 49 Staunton Street,  SoHo
    Telephone: 2858 3129

    Tucked-away on Staunton Street, this cosy neighbourhood lounge evokes a sense of sophistication, from the softly lit baroque interiors to the Caravaggio signage and classical portraits.

    Buddha Lounge - SoHo

    Address: LG/F, Amber Lodge,23 Hollywood Road, SoHo
    Telephone: 2526 2562

    Small but vibrant Buddha Lounge is a place for pulsating beats even when all else fails.

    Déjà Vu - SoHo

    Address: LG/F-G/F,41 Staunton Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 3481 9996

    To pass time between dinner and the late night club spot, Déjà Vu is a hot destination for Hong Kong’s gay crowd.

    Dharma Den - SoHo

    Address: 2/F, The Workstation,43-45 Lyndhurst Terrace, SoHo
    Telephone: 9813 1579

    Take the elevator up to DHARMA DEN, where an interesting collage of pop art greets you welcome to a lounge where you are to chillout to the tunes of the same genre.

    Insenses (Bassment) - SoHo

    Address: LG/F,13 Lyndhurst Terrace, SoHo
    Telephone: 2815 0868

    Descend the staircase to find a small but alluring lounge bar, complete with a spacious open-air courtyard at the back.

    Linq - SoHo

    Address: G/F,35 Pottinger Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2971 0680

    Find little bohemian bar Linq by the stony steps of Pottinger street.

    Liquid Lounge - SoHo

    Address: G/F-1/F1-5 Lower Elgin Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2547 7778

    Liquid Lounge is a new venue for chic luxury, soulful music and a culinary tingle.

    Marouche - SoHo

    Address: G/F,46-48 Cochrane Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2541 8282

    Marouche Grill whips up some of the best Lebanese cuisine has to offer for people in Hong Kong.

    Peel - SoHo

    Address: UG/F,21 Elgin Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2810 0766

    Peel lounge features a relaxing sitting area facing Peel Street.


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