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Telephone: 2869 9958

Located on Hollywood road, this British pub caters to all sports fans out there. Whether you’re into football, basketball, or just F1 Racing, the bar provides live coverage of it all. 6 large plasma screens broadcasting 3 different channels at a time allows for a wide choice for all. A good range of beers are available, and if Beer isn’t your thing, a wide selection of Wines are available to be chosen from. Continental food is also served here.

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By steve m
04 August 2014
I too use to go to the wheel regularly but stopped, however while passing by a couple of days ago I noticed that it's been renovated and there was no site of the terrible staff I remembered and hated, so I gave it another shot, sooooo glad I did, cause the new staff and renovation has made this place the place I loved...... I also now understand that there has been a handover of ownership with the original owner now back at the helm ! I truly missed the wheel and glad to see it back on the right tracks !!!!!!
By jacksonw
04 August 2014
Was searching for alternatives to "The Wheel" this week online as we had a very bad experience too and stumbled over this page, usually i dont care much or participate in online posts, but we were really annoyed by how the staff in "The Wheel" treats its customers as well. I guess this seems to be a general problem judging by below comment. Service is underwhelming and the staff is rude and aggressive. I can highly NOT recommend this place.
By jennyboth
04 August 2014
Hi Readers and Sports Fan, I used to go to the wheel on a weekly basis for my live sport action but have stopped to do so, that includes all of my friends and the other regulars too, the management has steered this (once nice) bar into a horrible direction, service turned foul and we feel its more of a "cash machine" for tourists then a nice bar any longer, try one of the many other places, hope this will change soon!
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