Micrographia - María García Ibáñez @ The Cat Street Gallery

Micrographia is the new exhibition starring the latest works from Spanish artist, Maria Garcia-Ibáñez. In the first collaboration between Puerta Roja and The Cat Street Gallery in Hong Kong, Micrographia takes its name from the 1665 book by scientist and artist, Robert Hooke, in which his own illustrations of microscopic observations of natural elements opened the fantastic miniature world to the public. This book was one of the first fruits of science to strike deep into the non-scientific imagination - essentially Hooke revolutionised a new way of "seeing things'.

Through her elegant drawings on paper and ceramic sculptures, Maria searches, as Hooke did, for a different persepective in the understanding of our environment, of "seeing" the elements and structures that surround us through a different light, and in this journey revealing their otherwise hidden beauty.


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