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    Sidewalk - SoHo

    Address: G/F,8 Gough Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2850 7199

    Sidewalk is a unique compendium of some of the world’s most remarkable designs under one roof.

    Habibi Cafe - SoHo

    Address: Shop A, G/F Sunwise building, 112-114 Wellington street SoHo
    Telephone: 2544 3886

    Habibi Café is the choice for those with limited time but who don’t, however, want to eat quick meal.

    Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolatier - SoHo

    Address: Flagship Bar à Chocolat et Boutique, G/F, 13 Lyndhurst Terrace,  SoHo
    Telephone: 2851 0633

    Inside Jean-Paul Hévin, you’ll find a world of sweet treats from one of France's most celebrated chocolatiers.

    Homei - SoHo

    Address: G/F, 22 Tai Ping Shan Street SoHo
    Telephone: 2857 9991

    A charming little cafe, nestled along Tai Ping Shan Street, that makes delicious homemade treats.

    Mr Bing - SoHo

    Address: LG & G/F, 83 Wellington Street SoHo
    Telephone: 2568 8248

    Mr Bing takes the humble jianbing - old school, nostalgic Beijing street crepes - and serves them in a modern hutong-style cafe.

    BO-LO'GNE - SoHo

    Address: Shop 1A, G/F, King Ho Building,41-49 Aberdeen Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2950 0600

    At BO-LOGNE the Japanese show their take on Danish bread.

    Brunch Club - SoHo

    Address: G/F,70 Peel Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2526 8861

    Walls covered with an array of magazines and free WiFi access, the Brunch Club serves a perfect refuge for a day.

    Café Graham - SoHo

    Address: G/F,51D Graham Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2905 1768

    Café Graham serves home-style European bistro-fare in a relaxed environment.


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