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    Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolatier - SoHo

    Address: Flagship Bar à Chocolat et Boutique, G/F, 13 Lyndhurst Terrace,  SoHo
    Telephone: 2851 0633

    Inside Jean-Paul Hévin, you’ll find a world of sweet treats from one of France's most celebrated chocolatiers.

    Red Mango - SoHo

    Address: Unit 301-303, Wing Tuck Commercial Center, 177-183 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong SoHo
    Telephone: (+852) 2541 8868

    You don't see red mangoes often in stores - but once you've tasted one, you'll never settle for anything less.

    Ben & Jerry's - SoHo

    Address: Shop 5A, G/F,45-47 Cochrane Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2838 3177

    Worldwide giant Ben & Jerry’s graces SoHo with a shop rich in its smorgasbord of ice cream flavors, ranging from Chunky Monkey to Cherry Garcia and Karamel Sutra.

    Berrygood - SoHo

    Address: Shop A, G/F,41-43 Graham Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2543 8393

    Berrygood combines tasty with healthy with frozen yogurt made fresh every day.

    Chocoholic - SoHo

    Address: G/F,57 Peel Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2858 8760

    Chocolate enthusiasts enter a dreamland when coming through the door of Chocoholic Café & Bar, a tiny place sporting cocoa-coloured walls and soft lighting.

    Hang Fa Lau Dessert - SoHo

    Address: G/F,34 Cochrane Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2544 4180

    Hang Fa Lau is especially popular amongst Chinese locals and is considerably packed during Dinner time.

    I-Scream Caffe - SoHo

    Address: Unit A, UG/F, Shama Place,30 Hollywood Road, SoHo
    Telephone: 2605 3881

    Founded by three Italians in 2003, I-Scream Ltd. has been dedicated to producing the finest handmade gelato in Hong Kong ever since.


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