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    Bistronomique Staunton - SoHo

    Hong Kong born Chef David Lai spent years behind the stove for Alain Ducasse in Monaco and Hong Kong before opening his first restaurant, On Lot 10, in Noho in 2009.

    Bouchon - SoHo

    Bouchon Bistro Francais takes you on a dining adventure with the tastes of Paris in its unique atmosphere.

    Brasserie Le Fauchon - SoHo

    After years of research and tasting into the French culinary art, Le Fauchon opened up for business on Elgin street, then being a unique neighbour to its incense and antique stores.

    F.A.B - SoHo

    F.A.B stands for French American Bistro, a new hangout by French Creations that provides an interesting balance of tasty French flavours with American classics.


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