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Telephone: 2543 6290

Lotus Thai Restaurant on Staunton Street has a wide selection of delicious Thai tapas, creative cocktails and nice service. Its buffet lunch menu offers more than 30 fresh contemporary Thai tapas dishes and is changed weekly. Relocated recently from Pottinger street it has a very simple modern loft-style design with a good vibe. The open front and high ceilings makes the place look very spacious as well as making it a great spot for people-watching. Aside from the space efficient stools in the restaurant, there is also an alfresco bench where you can sit down and have a few cocktails while watching people going up and down the escalator.

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-2am, Sat-Sun 10am-12am
Payment method: Cash, VISA, American Express, Mastercard
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By bareshoes
04 August 2014
The staff here are clearly trying to take advantage of trusting customers. Twice I have come here in large groups and twice the staff have overcharged use by an extra head each time. This can't be a simple mistake as there are multiple priced sets, so the likelyhood of "accidentally" adding one set is drastically smaller than if it was simply the same price no matter the order. The service is also horrendous. Food comes in whenever they want. Mains come before appetizers for some. At the same for others. Or not at all until you ask for it for a few. This occurred when there were 2 other tables as well. Clearly they are more focused on how they can rip us off and not serving the food we paid for. To top it off, just a few blocks down are a few thai restaurants that are just as good and not nearly as expensive.
04 August 2014
Great spot for lunch. Normally go there to for the express set with the noodle pho with an iced tea.   Haven'y been for dinner yet but it is on the to do list 
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