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    Indigo - SoHo

    Address: G/F,32A Staunton Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2147 3000

    In 2004, Eizelle Taino wanted to bring a bite of the Big Apple to Hong Kong and decided to open Hong Kong’s first designer denim bar INDIGO, specializing in premium denim jeans, as well as the best tops and accessories from the States to complement them.

    Ionic - SoHo

    Address: Shop B4, G/F,16A Elgin Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2521 2255

    Small shop, but bigger in choice, Ionic stocks a range of womenswear and accessories to cater for different occasions.

    LoveIt - SoHo

    Address: 1/F, Shama Place,30 Hollywood Road, SoHo
    Telephone: 2545 2162

    At LoveIt, expatriates Catherine and Stephanie bring you their favorite boutique labels from all over the world.

    Magnan & Tse - SoHo

    Address: G/F,15 Aberdeen Street, SoHo

    Based in Hong Kong, this new and upcoming fashion house prides itself on quality and modernity.

    Mesh - SoHo

    Address: 1/F,37 Staunton Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2178 0099

    Mesh offers a wide selection of clothing and accessories with a street vibe, for both men and women.

    Message - SoHo

    Address: Shop A, G/F,34B Staunton Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 3426 8186

    Conveniently located on Staunton Street, this two-storey boutique imports fashion from both the east and the west, ranging from places like Italy, England, Korea and Japan.

    Mint & Lemongrass - SoHo

    Address: G/F,32 Staunton Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2868 2380

    Mint and Lemongrass is a fashion retail store for women, stocking designer fashions and charming outfits.

    Miss T Company - SoHo

    Address: G/F,25 Staunton Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2525 2060

    Miss T Company is fairly spacious for a boutique, and has a wide range of dresses and accessories for different occasions with a smaller selection of shoes and accessories to go with.

    muchácha - SoHo

    Address: Shop A, G/F,14D-F Elgin Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2865 7235

    Oddly located next to Chinese stalls, it may be hard to notice, but if you do you’ll find Muchácha has a nice little selection of tops, dresses and shoes from different brands.

    OCHO - SoHo

    Address: G/F,51 Staunton Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2801 5988

    Fashionistas may want to stop by OCHO for top-quality clothes from US.


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