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    Lee Hing Antiques - SoHo

    Address: Shop 4, G/F,123 Hollywood Road, SoHo
    Telephone: 2517 8682

    Conveniently located on Hollywood road, this store provides a wide range of fine antiques which are mainly hand-picked from all over Asia.

    Lianca - SoHo

    Address: B/F,27 Staunton Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2139 2989

    LIANCA is a Hong Kong local brand that was started in 2001.

    LoveIt - SoHo

    Address: 1/F, Shama Place,30 Hollywood Road, SoHo
    Telephone: 2545 2162

    At LoveIt, expatriates Catherine and Stephanie bring you their favorite boutique labels from all over the world.

    Low Price Shop - SoHo

    Address: G/F,37 Hollywood Road, SoHo
    Telephone: 2805 1317

    The Low Price Shop isn’t really the first thing you think you’d find on Hollywood Road, but nevertheless there it is in all its red glory.

    Magnan & Tse - SoHo

    Address: G/F,15 Aberdeen Street, SoHo

    Based in Hong Kong, this new and upcoming fashion house prides itself on quality and modernity.

    Mammut - SoHo

    Address: G/F,74 Hollywood Road, SoHo
    Telephone: 2857 9293

    Mammut is a sports group and is one of the most important world brands specializing in outdoor apparel and gear.

    Melaine Living Arts - SoHo

    Address: LG/F,37 Cochrane Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2815 7873

    Conveniently located on Cochrane street, this store sells a wide array of products ranging from Home decor to fashion, jewelry and various other accessories.

    Mesh - SoHo

    Address: 1/F,37 Staunton Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 2178 0099

    Mesh offers a wide selection of clothing and accessories with a street vibe, for both men and women.

    Message - SoHo

    Address: Shop A, G/F,34B Staunton Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 3426 8186

    Conveniently located on Staunton Street, this two-storey boutique imports fashion from both the east and the west, ranging from places like Italy, England, Korea and Japan.

    Mido Eyeglasses - SoHo

    Address: Shop A, G/F, Grandview Garden,18 Bridges Street, SoHo
    Telephone: 9121 3011

    Mido Eyeglasses offers stylish glasses from different high fashion brands.


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