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    Gizzy & Nacho - SoHo

    At Gizzy & Nacho, chic international labels not readily available in the tradition local stores are in stock.

    Green Furniture - SoHo

    Green is a contemporary lifestyle oriented art + furniture gallery which offers artworks and One & Only Handcrafted and specially designed art furniture mostly imported mostly from London, US and Italy. Green Art Furniture are not what you normally see; they are functional manifestation of art.

    HALO - SoHo

    Since the early 1970s the name HALO has been synonymous with the appreciation of British Antique and Vintage styling.

    Hing Lee Camera Co. - SoHo

    Located on Lyndhurst terrace, this store offers a range of Photography supplies that vary from Professional cameras, tripods, film and lenses as well binoculars and a range of equipment that cater to assisting the use of these products.

    Homart - SoHo

    A range of peculiar items from fluffy stuffed ducks and big clocks, to colourful iPhone covers and big cards can be found at Homart.


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