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    Konzepp - SoHo

    Konzepp focuses on designed lifestyle objects and developing a communal space for artist and designers to collaborate and convene.

    Lam & Co. Antiquities - SoHo

    This antique store has a wide variety of pottery on offer; the collections and artwork are mainly of Mongolian and Chinese origin, some of which dating back to the Tang Dynasty.

    Le 16 Aout - SoHo

    Le 16 Aout is an independent French designer.ᅠ It is about the Parisian, the art and the history.ᅠ It brings you the elegant and femininity from Paris.ᅠ This is not just a boutique, but Paris and a dream.ᅠ Here is a platform for creativity, culture and style.ᅠᅠ Le 16 Aout already has a strong presence in Europe and now we are entering the Asia market.


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