Things to Do In Stanley

  • Part of Stanley’s charm lies is in its relaxed vibe and with its compact centre and a whole day can be enjoyed aimlessly strolling around and exploring the area. However, if you fancy a little structure to your time in Stanley Village, here’s our top 5 attractions.

    22nd June 2016
  • Stanley Market offers local knick knacks rivaling Temple St Market and Ladies’ Market in Kowloon. There are tourist-friendly selection of clothing, toys, paintings, souvenirs, fridge magnets and postcards. The stalls fill the maze of alleyways between Stanley Village Road and the waterfront. The weekends are usually busy as both tourists and locals throng the market.

  • Stanley Main Beach is located to the North of Stanley Village, the other side of the peninsula to Stanley Bay and the Main Street. It is Stanley’s most popular and best equipped Beach. There are a number of cafes at the top of the beach and a thriving watersports centre. The swimming is good and protected by a shark net. Stanley main beach also hosts the very popular Dragon Boat racing during the Tuen Ng Festival in June.

  • The three-storey colonnaded Murray House was built in 1848 as officers’ quarters. 150 years later, the building was moved stone by stone to Stanley in 2001. It houses enchanting restaurants with breathtaking views over the bay. Perfect to soak up the seaside atmosphere. The adjacent Blake Pier is a fantastically Victorian construction and serves as the departure point for boats to Po Toi Island.

  • Tin Hau temple is large, bright and airy. It definitely adds to the colour of Stanley. Simply walk away from the waterfront behind Murray House and head past Stanley plaza. Built in 1767 and said to be the oldest building in Hong Kong (though it has gone through a few renovations since then). The temple is also home to the skin of a 240-pound tiger, killed in 1942 by an Indian policeman, the last tiger to be shot in Hong Kong.

  • Take a relaxing stroll by the waterfront! The beachy vibes will help you feel relaxed and tranquil. Restaurants and bars are conveniently along the waterfront with the market stalls are also nearby. The bay has events and showcase public work!