Why Do They Love Skateboarding?

silhouette of man jumping on mid air during sunset

If one asked the skateboarders why they can keep their passion for so many years, they would probably list a number of reasons including but not limited to the sense of success, friendship and innovation. After years of development, skateboards have already transformed into electric rideables for daily commute. Recently, the off road electric skateboard US market has been expanding. People are no longer obsessed with ordinary boards but switch their attention to the best long range electric skateboard in the world.

For people living in the 1960s, they had never expected that skateboarding could redefine urban space forever. Abandoned architectural scraps became a creative space awaiting skate exploration. Streets and roads were turned into a playground where loyal friendships were found without borders. Skateboarders ventured out in a wolf pack of sorts, hunting out new challenges and opportunities.

man in black t-shirt and blue denim shorts jumping on air during daytime

There were lots of underrated, infamous or sometimes untouched architectural skate spots around the world. Many skateboarders loved journeying further into these dangerously charming arcades and enjoyed skating on the cracking bricks of the Brooklyn Banks, the rolling hills of San Francisco, transitions of the Ukraine and the grinding granite slab benches of Prague.

Sophisticated skaters might tell you that, once you experience the first foray into skateboarding, this voyage will never end. Skateboarding is a bonding process in which like-minded skateboarders exchange and share a wide spectrum of information and experiences with each other. Legendary professionals- Todney Mullen, Ricky Oyola, Marc Johnson, Chris Miller- have been releasing a series of videos that feature breathtaking tricks. These videos have been circulated and pored over worldwide. Inspired by their dedication and perseverance, generations of skateboarders are able to make it through as their ability, confidence and consistency grow with time. To be a top-notch skateboarder, one needs to develop the innate sense of direction that constitutes an urban navigator who weaves through complex street systems, and most importantly learns to be aware of pedestrians and traffic with precision timing.

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Fellow skateboarders form cross border relationships because the sport forges a global bond of sincerity. What is better than being a globetrotter with four wheels and a plywood board? It’s an alternative lifestyle full of excitement and dynamic changes.