How to Make Fiberglass Skateboard DIY

Fiberglass is a widely-used industrial material, it can be applied in fiberglass casing, as well as off road skateboard electric products.

I have got a few tips here that I would like to share with you about making fiberglass skateboard decks. Here is the step-by-step process to make your fiberglass skateboard deck. Now that you have got their board, it is time to get some practice with it.

green Ryobi hand drill near white and red box

Adding the fiberglass layer in between your layers of cardboard will give you stronger skateboards. To help prevent torsion or bending the board, you could also add another layer of fiberglass that is perpendicular to the board, or add a bidirectional fiberglass layer. Do not forget to add one layer of peel ply and breather cloth over the top of the board.

Once your glue is dry, smooth out your skateboard edges with a sander or grinding machine. After I scuffed that first layer of resin, I blow off any sand dust using my compressor that has a blower at the end. After the first layer dried, I used a few pieces of 50-grit sandpaper to smooth out the dried so that it would give the new layer something to adhere to.

Then I started to lay a second layer, this time using fiberglass mat. After the second layer was set, I smoothed out my old deck using 100-grit sandpaper on an orbital sander to start smoothing out the fiberglass. You can probably get away with using the blue foam stuff at Home Depot, but a couple layers of fiberglass are better for keeping things stiff.

If you want alternatives to basic sanding, you could use something like a fiberglass resin. Felt is one popular material that you can use, and this is the way that you stack layers of fiberglass together. You will also find composite materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber are seldom used on longboards.

One thing to remember is if you follow this step-by-step guide and use the materials listed above, your board is going to last, even if you are hesitant about using fiberglass or carbon fiber. If you do not want to use fiberglass or carbon fiber, 7-9 wood should be used for a fairly flexible board with 70 kg riders up top. If you feel like fiberglass skateboards are going to give you the durability that you want, then switching to fiberglass is the way to go. For a basic skateboard mold, you will want to use a curved object to track your skateboard’s nose, along with its tail, and a straight object to track its side rails.